About Me


Hello. My Name is Emily Christensen  licensed massage therapist and medical massage practitioner. I have been licensed in the state of Oregon for over 8 years now. Massage has been something I’ve been very passionate and drawn to since I was a child. I began giving friends and family massages at a very early age. I decided my love for massage was something that I would really enjoy sharing with others and I think it really shows in my sessions. I graduated from East West College in 2008. I began working at the Portland Saturday Market as a way to get my name out. I was blessed to be able to open my own practice in just 3 short months andafter 8 years at The Tillamook house in Ne Portland Im excited to continue my journey at Clackamas Massage and Wellness clinic.

I specialize in a Swedish relaxation and deep tissue massage. I use a firm pressure that not only feels great but really gets into the tissue. My massage is very slow paced with a continuous flow. This is great for relaxation and the techniques used are extremely effective for muscle pain and discomfort. Im certified in medical massage. I learned many effective treatments for a number of injuries and ailments. My massage techniques really get to the root of the problem, by examining your posture we can take a look at compensation patterns and see where pain and decreased mobility are starting.
Recently the benefits of massage for Autism have become my passion and I’m seeking education and experience in that field in order to work in early intervention.