About Me


Hello. My Name is Emily Christensen  licensed massage therapist and medical massage practitioner. I have been licensed in the state of Oregon for Seven years now. Massage has been something I’ve been very passionate and drawn to since I was a child. I began giving friends and family massages at a very early age. I decided my love for massage was something that I would really enjoy sharing with others and I think it really shows in my sessions. I graduated from East West College in 2008. I began working at the Portland Saturday Market as a way to get my name out. I was blessed to be able to open my own practice in just 3 short months and have been very happy at the Tillamook house in Ne Portland ever since.

I specialize in a Swedish relaxation and deep tissue massage. I use a firm pressure that not only feels great but really gets into the tissue. My massage is very slow paced with a continuous flow. This is great for relaxation and the techniques used are extremely effective for muscle pain and discomfort. Im certified in medical massage. I learned many effective treatments for a number of injuries and ailments. My massage techniques really get to the root of the problem, by examining your posture we can take a look at compensation patterns and see where pain and decreased mobility are starting.  However I recently began gearing my massage practice to the healing properties it holds for Greiving, depression and stress.