Massage For Grieving

The grieving process is difficult and painful. Research has proven massage helps to balance the need for grieving with the need to adapt to life after loss.


Increases dopamine and serotonin which provide enhanced mood, appetite and sleep. Produce an undeniable sense of well being and decrease feelings of emptiness and loneliness.

Reduces stress/decreases cortisol

Lowers blood pressure and slows respiration

Provides a moment of rest which gives you time to retain energy and escape consuming thoughts

Produces the hormone oxytocin, which is a “feel good” hormone that aids in anxiety reduction.

Massage relaxes, restores and rejuvenates the body.



Through personal loss I have found a calling to help those suffering with loss and empathize greatly with mothers who have suffered the loss of a child. I hope to share Gods grace and love through the healing touch of massage. I believe that through sharing our experiences and burdens we can overcome the pain that death leaves behind. Knowing we’ll reunite with loved ones in Heaven is the promise we hold on to. As we begin to seek eternal perspective we begin to understand Gods divine purpose, and it is through that we find indescribable joy.








Titus Michael Tarrant was already two weeks late! Michael and Emery were very anxious to see  their first child, a beautiful boy, who was continuing to grow each moment he stayed safe in the  womb. Praying everyday would finally be THE day, Titus was born unto them, healthy and fat  the morning of December 12th, 2011. Just in time for Christmas. Our close knit family was  thrilled he finally blessed us with his presence, and his beauty was immeasurable.

On the morning of December 14th 2011, I was looking up at my Christmas tree adding the final touches. Another common day it seemed. I received a call from my father who sounded very upset but was unable to form the words to tell me what happened. Through his hurt he uttered ” It’s Titus… he stopped breathing”. I collapsed. The pain engulfed me. Crying to the Lord I  screamed out. I was shocked. How could this be!? My pain turned to anger and in that moment I  could only ask   “Why God? Why!?”


Michael and Emery Tarrant


 When I came into the presence of Titus’ loving parents, there were no words. The loss of a child  is the hardest thing young parents can ever encounter. I offered massage knowing the benefits could be relaxing. Yet I was surprised. In this devastating loss Michael and Emery seemed peaceful, they had an unknown to me comfort about themselves. As I continued to speculate I saw they had strength. No two parents experiencing this loss could do this alone. It was clear, it was God. They chose to lift up the Lord, embrace his presence and trust in his plan.


They sang songs of worship and found peace in scripture. He gave them strength and comfort that most could not hope to have in a time like this. I was convicted. My anger at God was real. Here they were, not at all angered. It was undeniable. Gods Love is so Powerful and his presence was in this place. Titus was loved by sooooo many. He will never ever be forgotten and his legacy will no doubt live on. His life has made me a believer, there will never again be question. Titus was no doubt a son of God and is now a perfect Angel. His mother knew he would love Jesus and spread that love to  others and in some ways he already  has. I have witnessed true faith, compassion and love of Jesus. Without him we have nothing. He  gives us all things.



I hope to tell others about Titus and learn their stories as well.  Remembering their lives and bringing awareness to others will insure they live on.  Unfortunately I have since experienced loss through two miscarriages. If it wasn’t  for  the life of Titus I may have never had the strength to pull through. Our Lord  Jesus  Christ will never give us more than we can handle. He is always there.  In  moments of pure defeat we must turn to him with trust and he will provide us.  I truly believe our Lord has a plan for us and although it may seem so hard to see we must trust in him to find our peace.